Demolition Derby at Potomac Speedway in Budd’s Creek, MD

We often attend the Demolition Derby hosted by the Silver Hill Lions Club. This event serves as its primary fundraiser.




At a Demolition Derby, cars basically take one last spin before they hit the junkyard. In fact, some of them probably come out of a junkyard just to play real life bumper cars. You will see lots of smoke and sparks as they crash. While out in the pit, emergency vehicles are on standby in case there are any injuries or an overheated car goes up in flames.




I must warn you… there is dirt everywhere so don’t bother wearing anything nice. Also between each round, they promote the 50/50 raffle (that can go up to $1000) and throw out little giveaways  which the kids go wild for…



Yes that is a confederate flag on that man’s shirt. Not uncommon around theses parts.


To play, entry is $25 – $50 to play and broken into 7 classes:

1. Power Wheels

(The cutest class of them all. Kids enter with balloons on the back and the one with the last balloon standing wins.)

2. True Stock 3 V-6

4. Small Truck/SUV

5. Compact

6. Stock Van/Truck

(My favorite. The bigger the better in my opinion. Last year I believe there was and outlaw truck class but not this time around.)

7. Youth

Picture a H.S. football game… but whole town comes out the wood works to watch cars crash. You will find ANY age here. However, this type of family affair might not be for everyone. There is alcohol, raffles, and food court favorites like funnel cake.



I like this sport because the rounds are quick with intermission between each class… kinda like boxing. Check out some of the highlights from the fall 2015 show:



By coincidence, we know someone who participates in the Derby here. Our friend Jeff is well-known for building some interesting show cars. He goes by the name of “Speedy Cop”.




So if you see an “Airplane” driving through the beltway. That’s him. Here’s a picture of Noah on it last year:




Feel free to take a drive out to Potomac Speedway in Budd’s Creek sometime. There are always events.

The Demolition Derby will return September 10th and 17th of 2016.

Adults: $18 Children (12 and under): $9 Children (3 and under): Free

Visit HERE for more info.


  1. Da Hubby

    I don’t know if his Power Wheel meets teh specs. I would definitely let him go crazy.


  2. Curious 2 Know

    Any chance of Noah participating in the Derby this year with his new Hot Wheel?


    1. Fatima

      Are you going to sign him up? Lol


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