Real Housewives of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac (S1|E2)

Etiquette. Etiquette. Etiquette. Etiquette! Who else has had ENOUGH of all this Potomac etiquette talk? Let’s cut to the chase…

The Crab Boil Part Two

Gizelle finally decides to have a talk with Charrisse about her issues but it fell on deaf ears. Following this talk Gizelle leaves with her stylist. After seeing more footage of the stylist, I do think he was too extra to be a guest of a guest. I am glad she left on her own terms though. If it were me, I would have left two hours prior. I still don’t care for Charrisse… There is just something about her slow-talking stank that puts me off. My face is stuck on “eww” every time I hear that woman speak.

I was surprised at Robyn’s reaction a little. The first episode gave us the impression that she was closer to Gizelle. She just seemed lost yet amused about the whole situation during the party.

Meet Aunt Dot

What was the point of this scene? All we did was watch this lady enter the house and wait for her to tell Karen her tea was warm. Like the suspense was going to kill us… Who likes their tea warm any way? Hot (Lipton) tea is not some elitist preference. Please…

Katie Meets Rabbi Mark

So the point of this meeting was to prepare for the twin’s naming ceremony. All I took from this scene is that she is really pressed to involve her “soon to be fiance” while Rabbi Mark challenged her entire Jewishness. But on a side note… Katie’s son James reminds me a little of Solange Knowles’ Son Jewels when he was that age.

Ashley’s Intro / Sip with Socialites

We finally get to meet this lady and her introduction was quite strong. She might be on the wrong show. If you ask me, both her age and free-spirited nature is not a match for this group of women – but her coins certainly are. Ashley married “up” both in age and in money. I hope we can all agree that Ashley’s sexy condo makes up for all outdated kitchens that we’ve seen on the show thus far. Except for the fact that Ashley doesn’t actually live in Potomac, Maryland. She lives in Arlington, VA. Go figure.

Some of the ladies seemed a little hard on Ashley – especially my girl Gizelle. I don’t know what that was about because Ashley didn’t seem deserving of the negativity at all. Her sexual nature might not be everyone’s cup of “Aunt Dot’s” tea but Ashley seems harmless for now.

Extending an Olive Branch

Gizelle makes an unusual decision to include her young daughters in her drama by asking for help to write an apology letter. The children’s advice however was pretty sound. Gizelle later on mentioned in #WWHL that it was her way to show the girls that even in adulthood you can have problems like a 4th grader (lol). Anyhoo… Gizelle sends a car to pick up Karen and Charrisse for lunch; as usual they were stank about it. If they didn’t think her efforts were sincere, they should have stayed home and off camera. The end.

I think I said Gizelle’s name as much as they say “etiquette”. Clearly Gizelle is the star of the show. What did you think about episode 2? I am over the crab boil drama and etiquette talk but it looks like it will carry into the third episode.

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  1. Chiiiiile. I can’t help but think that the real money of Potomac is laughing at these ladies. Those 80s style kitchens and the fact that Aunt Dot was rolled to the house in a Sentra….

    I agree with you on Charrisse. I just can’t get with her. I could never keep company with such behavior, and fake etiquette. Not sure why Gizelle even extended the branch. They didn’t even come to talk with her but she was time enough for them.

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