PJ Masks Party

Noah Turns 4 and gets a PJ Masks Party


I had no intentions of throwing a party for my son this year. The plan was to visit a very popular kids museum in Baltimore, have cake and call it a day. Until one night as we were leaving the gym, Noah tells his friend:

My birthday is coming up so you are coming to my party right?

Well before I could even correct this statement, Noah’s friend jumped in excitement to tell his mother.

So I joked about it on Facebook and before I knew it I was planning a party less than two weeks away. Aside from last-minute pressure, Noah wanted a PJ Masks party. Most people don’t even know who they are because it is a new cartoon on Disney Junior. In fact, it hasn’t even been airing for a year yet. So with this comes one little problem…

There aren’t any licensed party products available for purchase… NOTHING! Anything you see on Pinterest is all handmade through Etsy. Which is nice but I didn’t know how many kids we could invite and there wasn’t enough time to put in an order. Either way I still thought out the details thoroughly. I actually watched a show in its entirety to pick up on the lingo and super powers.

Long story short: PJ masks are kids that go into the night in their masks and PJamas to save the day from bullies and mean people.

Since it was 80 degrees out, I had plans for an outdoor party full of activities that would represent each of the main characters but mother nature wasn’t in the mood for my plans. I don’t know how we went from planning this party in 80 degree weather and the day of it was barely 62. Even worse, it rained the day before. Everything in me wanted to cancel but I knew this is what Noah wanted so we had to go through with it. As defeated as I felt, my son still thought this was the best party ever. All he wanted was to see some friends. And if it weren’t for my friend Natifia, I wouldn’t have a picture to show for it. So here it goes…

This was our invitation. It was electronic and I made it on my computer.

Characters from left: Gekko, Catboy, Owlette (Invite has been cropped to exclude personal details)

Our main attraction was a bounce house provided by Clown Town Entertainment. Their price was reasonable and service was super accommodating. The owner touched based with me up until the morning of just to make sure we still wanted the bounce house considering the weather. As you can see, we stuck with it.  This bounce house represented Cat Boy’s “Super Cat Leap”.

Holy Clown Entertainment Bounce House
To combat the wet grass, we laid down a tarp so that kids could freely take off their shoes without getting their socks or feet muddy.

To represent Gecko’s “Super Gekko Muscles” we had a piñata. The most relevant symbol we could find was a star which was cool because PJ Masks fight evil in the night. We used toddler bats to swing with because of their age but there wasn’t any luck with (or without) the blindfold. So the adults had to break it of course. lol


Star Piñata PJ Mask Party
Mini reusable bags were given out to be filled with candy as a part of our favors.

Not shown were Soft Tip Lawn Darts we had to represent “Super Owlette’s wings and vision” – since you need the right speed and precision to play. I only paid 5 bucks for them at TJ Maxx.

Due to the weather, everything else was held inside:

Party Snack Table
The Snack Table

I purchased some basic masquerade masks from party city in the character’s colors and some decorative items from the dollar store so the kids could personalize their masks.

Party Craft Station
Craft Station


PJ Maks Party


PJ Masks Party
I think the girls loved it.


We had Rice Krispy Treat-Pops made by my friend Virtré. YUMMY! (Thank you)



One thing you can get on PJMasks.com are printable crafts. Luckily they were available for National Super Hero Day (April 28th) which was only a couple of days before his party. I simply downloaded the PDF masks, had them printed on heavy stock paper, cut and added some popsicle sticks as handles. The night before Noah and I took an extra table-cloth from the dollar store and made a nighttime photo backdrop with some cotton balls clouds and star stickers. I wish you couldn’t see the lines from the folds but that’s what you get for under three bucks. LOL at least we had fun making it!


PJ Masks Party
Only one mask per character was made

At the end of the party, I solidified each child’s super hero status with a certificate (also found on the website) and bubble wands. 🙂



All Noah really wanted was a PJ Masks cake. Since I was struggling to make this theme come to life, it was important for me to have a cake designed. Unfortunately all the bakeries were booked for the weekend. However, my Cousin Dionne saved the day with a yummy photo sheet cake that had both pictures of him and the main PJ Masks characters. Based on this smile the cake was perfect for him and didn’t cost a fortune.


PJ Masks Party
Mission Complete – Thank you for everyone who was able to come and make his birthday special.





  1. Dionne

    This was an awesome party! Everything turned out great, even with PJ Masks being such a new theme. I’m glad I was able to help make a party of his big day special. 🙂

    On another note, You could’ve been selling some PJ Mask Party Theme sets on Etsy, after successfully throwing this one! 💰


  2. Liz

    Great way to get creative! Im planning my sons birthday party and Im like how the heck am I going to decorate masks. Thank you for the party city idea!


    1. Fatima

      No problem at all. Thanks.


  3. Colleen

    My little one is obsessed with PJ Masks (and all things superheros). I loved the rice krispie treat, the certificates, and those hi res masks. Genius!


    1. Fatima

      Thanks so much! 😊


  4. Rachel

    Love it, my son is a HUGE PJ Masks fan, planning on that for his b-day next month. Did you print the masks on colored/white cardstock paper through printer, or how did you do that?


    1. Fatima

      Thanks! I chose the heaviest (white) card stock available at my Office Depot and they printed it there. 😉 everything is in hi res color on the website. So it will look professional as long as you master the cutting part. But there will be dotted lines. Hope everything goes well! Happy early Birthday to your son!


  5. Anonymous

    Improvising breeds greatness. Having to create these things, bring them together & then relying on the photos of another photographer to express your vision takes something special. Good job.


  6. thechicsahm

    His party looked like so much fun!! You did a great job putting that together for him and his little buddies. I didn’t know anything about PJ Masks until this post. I always just search Etsy or Pinterest for printables. I don’t think we’re throwing a party for anyone’s birthday this year but if we do I’ll look into PJ Masks.


    1. Fatima

      Thanks so much. It’s a fun theme! I’d love to see what they come up with once the licenses are purchased for retail.


  7. Tima

    Wow you are soooo creative! Great way to utilize all available sources. Everything looks liked it turned out GREAT! Happy Bday Noah!! xoxo F#2


  8. Wendy

    The rice krispies look delish! Looks like he had a grrrr-eeatt party!


  9. Carissa (The Green Eyed Lady)

    Love it!!! Great way to improvise and get creative Mama!!! Emma LOVES PJ Masks so if its still an “in” thing I may be referring back to this next year…hopefully there are some licensed products next year. We went through this with her first birthday party and Doc McStuffins…she wasnt as big as she is now, so we had to buy little figurines and put them on her cake because they didnt have any decorations for her at the time. Its crazy how creative you have to get at the last minute with kids!!!


    1. Fatima

      Thanks so much. I just felt so scattered brain but they had fun. Feel free to take all the inspiration you need. Yea you really have to make it work by any means necessary. lol


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