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Operation Snap Back: Game Over



I have been playing games with my goals for the past couple of months. I lost 2.6 pounds in July, went to the gym faithfully, completed the support group 25 mile challenge and my waistline is virtually the same. I would say I gave it my all but that would be a lie because I wasn’t mindful of my food intake. It actually frustrates me that I have to eat like a rabbit to get where I want to be but it is what it is…

Now that I have the fitness down, It’s time to finally get the diet on board. Game over. Are you with me?

I am finally ready to commit. I am looking forward to planning and being diligent like my girl Tia. I mean…she has 3 kids and does it. I can too, right? At this point I NEED to or I am going to be just like the rest of the people at the gym who go for years but look pretty much the same. -_-

The great news is that I really don’t look the same as I did in January but somehow I am still the same size in clothing. I want to lose one size – that’s all. I am not sure why this has been so hard for me. Perhaps I overworked myself in the gym. However I must say this journey has taught me a few things the hard way like…

  • My metabolism is not the same as it was 5 years ago. (why?)
  • Food REALLY matters. (but why?)
  • You can still lose a good bit of weight and still be the same size. (no, really…why?)

As much as I wanted to be stronger, being leaner is more important now. Working out like crazy has helped with my stress level but I am going to lose some more inches this month and seal the deal once and for all. So here we go…

One pants size.

I am going to break out the tape measure again for August and eat more salad…I guess. lol I wonder if I can cut out pasta for the month too? Hmmmm




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  1. I swear — I’m sooooo with you this time and I’m not quitting. I plan on documenting my fitness journey and I’m going to link back to your movement. I’ve been playing around with my health and my figure for waaaaaaayyyy too long and it’s starting to show. I don’t like this one bit. My metabolism is being SOOO childish!

  2. Keep going Fatima!! You are so right though – food plays a big part in seeing results. It kills me that I can’t have a biscuit or cornbread or french fries whenever I want it. I actually have to plan out my food. The thing is… I thought that after 21 days I’d be a changed person. But nope, I still want fries and cornbread and Chinese food. So I’m hoping that another round of 21 days will make clean eating less of a chore and more of my new normal. Right now I mentally have to make the decision to eat clean it doesn’t come natural for me yet. I wonder if it does for anyone? Like, when we people have the option to have french fries or fruit are the ALWAYS choosing the healthier option? That’s where my struggle is. We can do it though. Just try to take it one meal at a time.

  3. I hear ya. I’ve looked at my stats and according to my Fitbit I’ve lost 10 lbs since November but I’ll be darned if I can see it. My clothes feel like they still fit the same (except one pair of jeans and a top are too big). And, yeah, I totally hate that if I eat it negates all the hardwork I’ve put in… Why? I need weight loss to be a little more fair. LOL But I do thank you for creating the group and for being such an incredible cheerleader and supporter. WE WILL DO THIS!!

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