Inside Great Falls Park, Virginia


Do you know what today is? (It’s our anniversary).

Tony Toni Tone 

One year ago today,  I decided to start over. To refocus my energy into to things that made me happy again. Off The Potomac is a direct reflection of my effort to do so. To some it may seem cheesy celebrating a blog anniversary but to me it is a chance to look back on my journey, admire my growth and take pride in what remains consistent. I am going on my 12th year of sharing pieces of me and I have no regrets. But unlike my past blogs, I can look all 85 posts that proceed this one and smile. This is really who and where I yearn be. Blogging will always be therapeutic – a place where I have been the most vulnerable and accepted. I appreciate every view, comment and share. Who knew that a girl who couldn’t stop talking about missing Brooklyn would have a blog dedicated to love her for the DMV?

I wanted to celebrate my anniversary with a place I should have come 8 years ago. Great Falls Park in Virginia. It’s perfect since I love the outdoors and many of us in the DC area get our drinking water from the Potomac River. It is honestly a shame that I have lived and worked so close to this park for years. I drove by this place and took for granted that I would get around to it one day.

Admission is $10 for cars and $5 per walk-in. But don’t trip on the cost because it is worth it – especially if it means keeping this place in good hands.






OffThePotomac_Great_Falls_Virginia - 10











Of course you know I enjoyed every bit of it. So many trails and levels of terrain. This is a great local place to satisfy your hiking needs. Although its consider kid-friendly, I wouldn’t recommend  exploring like we did with a child as young as ours. There are three outlooks that are relatively safe but for small children, its best to utilize the inner, less scenic trails with kids. Noah gave me a heart attack a few times because he is fast and fearless. I hate to sound morbid but adults do die here every year. Go back to “The People” gallery above you will know why. Some of it was illegal but enjoyed watching them all. I wish I had more time to watch that guy set up his climb….

Well I hope you enjoyed year one of life “Off The Potomac”. Cheers to a few more… 😉


  1. K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

    Happy Blog Anniversary!! Great Falls looks so beautiful. If I could live there I probably would because I love nature and being surrounded by its beauty. It’s definitely on my travel bucket list now.


  2. Shelly

    Great Falls is a great place to let go and take on nature (in a safe way that is). I took my husband there for Father’s Day for a hike and we loved it. I do agree with you and not ready to take the kids on the trail but hopefully soon. Happy Bloganniversary!!


  3. prixlife

    and how could I forget! Happy Birthday OTP! (I said that in my Ice Cube voice)


  4. prixlife

    The trail looks like like so much fun, You have great pics and it so makes me want to go there on my next trip. Can I use you as my tour guide one day for a barter transaction to design a space, cause my sister is doing a poor job with showing me these beautiful gems in the DMV.


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