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The only thing better than a corn maze is a sunflower maze! I know you have seen those dreamy photos online a people drowned in a field of Sunflowers? I have always said to myself that is a place I need to be. However, every year I would miss the calling at Ladybugs Alive. The thing with flowers is that they only hold up but for so long. That means you have to catch them blooming at the right time.

Then Summer 2017 rolls around and I almost miss my chance to go AGAIN. This week was the last week and the Sunflowers were down to about 70%, so I made a last-minute decision to just GO! And I am so glad we did. If you have time in the early Summer, make your way down to Chaptico, Maryland in St. Mary’s County for this unique treat. You might even be greeted by the owner Jerry. He planted and cut out the maze himself. That’s what makes this trip even more special. Here is a little taste of what you can expect:



Bees on Sunflower Ladybugs Alive
If you want to be in a sunflower maze, you need to be tolerant and not allergic to bees. They are everywhere. But don’t worry, they have lots of other “beesness” to attend. Just let them work. We need them!

























More than just sunflowers.

ladybugs alive
Lots of different flowers in the butterfly garden right across from the maze.


butterfly on flower ladybugs alive
And what’s a butterfly garden without the butterflies right?

Lots to learn.

Kids get their own clipboard so that they can go on a scavenger hunt for birds and insects throughout the property. Included is a magnifying glass to confirm their findings and a marker to check off all their discoveries. Pretty cool right?

Plenty of play.

On a hot day, everyone can come into the shed for some ice-cold water and puzzles to play. Once the kids get cooled off they can go back outside for a game of cornhole or memory. Noah did not want to leave this place. It was a struggle. lol

A beautiful sunset on the field.

Sun set on sunflower field lady bugs alive
The property closes after 9pm. It is perfect to watch the sun set on the field and catch a few lightning bugs on your way out!

Jerry and Pheobe were awesome. Noah of course also kept them entertained. We will definitely try to make this a yearly visit.

If you would like more information and would like you plan your own visit to Ladybugs Alive, visit their facebook page before you go!

Have you ever been to a Sunflower Maze before?



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