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34 Days of Self-Care Inspired by Live Sacred DC

Right around the time I felt my rut coming on, a fellow local blogger, Chelsea announced that she was hosting an intimate event called Live Sacred DC. It was held at Take Care Shop in Georgetown. The name alone drew me in but the space was perfect. A Take Care shop, you can find plant-based goods for hair, skin, body and home. The decor here is very simple with lots of natural elements and scents to compliment the products sold.

take care shop dc

When you think of the word sacred, you think pure and divine. These are words that should be associated with self-care. Because at our most pure self, we will find peace and happiness. Live Sacred DC was held on the last day of the summer to literally and figuratively start off a “new season” with intent and a conscious mind. We did exercises together prompted by The Happiness Planner. I am horrible at using planners but something really intrigues me about this one. I was fully committed to the handouts. So much that I can honestly say I became more aware of who I am because I had to fill in the “blanks”. We were encouraged to share what we wrote out loud with the group. I was totally comfortable with that because what happened at Live Sacred DC, stayed at Live Sacred DC. I felt like putting things out in the universe made it official. Like sending out positive vibrations because as they say…”ask and you shall receive”.

Live Sacred DC

A lot of us talk about self-care but aren’t embracing the things that keep us healthy and grounded on a consistent basis. Self/care isn’t just a one-time thing that you do. There are a lot of distractions and challenges in life. Naturally, we will be evolving and adapting to the changes and obstacles that come our way. Therefore, our work on staying pure and keeping our peace needs to happen for the rest of our lives. So in the spirit of putting things out in the universe, I am sharing my mission to reboot myself for the next 34 days. I will be refocusing on getting my mind, body and soul right as I turn 34. 

Happiness Planner Happiness Box

I left this event realizing that I can not take proper care of myself if I don’t know and accept who I am. It is only through self-respect and appreciation that I can live sacredly. We ultimately neglect ourselves if we live to please others. But we can not be better for others if we are not our best selves. So I am committed to being mindful of my actions and doing what truly makes me happy and healthy. As a gift from Live Sacred DC, we received The Happiness Planner “Box of Happiness”. One of the items in this box was a 30-day prompted self-awareness journal. I will be using the exercises to assist my self-care reboot as I journey into my 34th year. Although I will not be sharing every detail of these exercises, I am confident that the prompts will inspire blog posts and actions to come. So stay tuned…

In addition to the journal, I will be going back to morning meditations, healthier eating, and a new fitness routine. My goal is for this to be an #OperationSnapBack like never before! Once this 34 day project comes to an end, I will be sure to share my experience here with you all. 

Special thanks to Chelsea and Joanna for hosting the event. Word on the street is that there will be more. Keep your eyes open for it HERE.

Would you consider yourself to be self-aware? What are some of the things you practice as a part of your own self-care?

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