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You may notice my family from my last blog “Baby Teems” which documented balancing life as a new mother. I have been blogging as a hobby for over 12 years now under different names. Although the content is mostly family inspired, I am letting readers into my life beyond motherhood. For the past 8 years my family has been learning to live and love life in “The DMV”. This blog is all about sharing the local experience with you. If you aren’t famililar, The Potomac is a river that runs through the D.C., Maryland and Virgina area and flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Therefore, everything featured will be right Off The Potomac… hence the name. This is a real life and PR friendly blog. Any material that I am compensated for will be clearly stated. Feel free to join us as we will be living, parenting and indulging in the things we love Off The Potomac


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  1. Charlene

    I’m with you on replacing dem three with Gizelle’ss girls. Especially dropping the ediquette sh*t with their tired wigs! haaa


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