Crab Egg Benedict

Is Brunch at Founding Farmers Worth the Hype?

The rumors are true. I have been living in D.C. for nine years and just went to Founding Farmers for the first time yesterday. Don’t judge me. That is why I started this blog. Because it is time for me to really get to know all of DMV’s treasures. Founding Farmers has become chain with locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. The restaurant is both owned and supplied by American family farmers – serving food made from scratch.

Founding Farmers DC

I am so glad I went with someone who knew to make reservations a week in advance. If it were up to me, I would have showed up to the restaurant the day of and waited an hour for a table. Despite the heavy crowd, we were seated within five minutes of checking in and the service following was prompt.

Beignets Founding Farmers
Uncle Buck’s Beignets w/ chocolate, raspberry & caramel sauces

With 10,000 reviews on yelp, I had very high expectations of this place. For some reason, I expected (even their brunch) to have unique flavors but I didn’t get that exactly. However, I wasn’t disappointed because they have some classic GOOD FOOD here. It seems like one of those places where you bring out-of-towners because you know everything will be good. The funny thing is that I have recommended Founding Farmers several times before – simply because I see my friends going here all the time. LOL

We started off with the Beignets and it was PERFECTION. Crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. The three sauces were truly the “icing on the cake”. I ate three. ūüėõ

Breakfast Chicken & Waffles

Chicken and Waffles
with scrambled eggs and white gravy

This is my go-to brunch dish so it comes to no surprise that this is also a Farmhouse Favorite. I never use the gravy though. The Waffles were perfect and the chicken (tenders) had a little kick to it. My only complaint was that my chicken wasn’t as hot as the rest of the dish but I let it side on account of everything else being so good. Plus I was hungry. ūüėõ

Pimm’s Cup

Pimms Cup
Pimm’s no. 1, beefeater gin, curaçao, lime, house ginger beer

This was my drink because I loooove ginger beer. And it wasn’t watered down either. You can taste the liquor. Lol


13 puréed white peaches, cava, peach cordial

Crab Benedict

Crab Egg Benedict

Some serious food porn right? I secretly wish I would have gotten this dish instead. This was my friend’s plate.

Overall… Brunch at Founding Farmers was definitely worth the hype but not the wait for walk-ins in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t want to wait that long for breakfast. But people do. SO MAKE A RESERVATION and ENJOY! Next I will have to try dinner at one of their sister locations: Farmers and Distillers. I hear that place is even better! ūüėČ

Have you been to any of the Founding Farmers locations in the DMV?

Bang Theory Salon

Enjoi lux Presents: Short Hair Don’t Care – A Runway Tour

I have been team short hair for most of my life. By choice. I made my first big chop in 6th grade to look like T-Boz of TLC and it has been hard ever since to keep my length. When I finally had the patience to go through the “between stage”, I made the mistake of letting a Dominican salon¬†blow out destroy my hair.¬† So I walking into a barbershop and cut the whole thing off. I honestly can’t recall feeling so free or feminine before. Cutting my hair super shot was the best decision I ever made for my look and confidence. It made me wonder why I ever grew it out to begin with. But anyway… I have been looking for some inspirations for my next look. So when I saw the flyer for Short Hair Don’t Care I just bought my ticket and went solo. This was an intimate event in Dupont Circle which I really appreciated. The space was enough to move around but small enough to enjoy all the vendors and make solid connections.

EnjoiLux Short Hair Don't Care Runway Tour
Distressed clothes by Latoya Doyley

Each guest received a small gift bag with hair care samples upon entry. Before the show started, there was time for us to shop¬†while enjoying small bites and wine. Unlimited wine I might add… courtesy of The Graffiti Wine Company.

The Graffiti Wine Company

My favorite vendor was Khadija of Henna Sooq who makes all of her own natural and organic henna products. I had her do a design for me on the spot. You can check it out on my Instagram page.

Henna Sooq

Everything you see was organized by the event planning duo Enjoi Lux. I don’t know if it was intentional, but loved how they wore coordinated outfits. This shows me that these two are in sync… a true partnership. I believe their Runway Tour has been to both to Boston and Philly with DC being their last stop.

Enjoi Lux
Co-Founders of Enjoi Lux: Alaina Reid and Deborah Polidore

My favorite part of the show was seeing Christol Salon and Spa grace the runway. My cousin put me on to this salon years ago and I have yet to find the time or the funds to get in Christol’s chair. It needs to happen one day though. Christol is well-known for her coloring skills. And I know a stylist or two who have learned from her classes. The work speaks for itself!

Christol Salon Spa

Every good event has an awesome headliner. Who better to host this event other than Tahira Joy Wright? She is the Co-Founder of The Cut Life. If you are on Instagram and love short hair cut but haven’t heard about this brand, then you have been living under a rock. The Cut Life is THE place I go to for inspiration from people who rock best hair cuts and the stylists who hooked them up. VIP guests had a one-on one with Tahira before the show. I did not attend but she of course opened and closed the show.¬† It was nice to see another black woman who has dominated a platform – creating brand awareness… not just for herself, but many others.

Tahira Joy Wright

Last but not least was the giveaway. Upon entry we are also given a raffle ticket. A few lucky attendees went home with a little something extra. Happy they were…

EnjoiLux Short Hair Don't Care DC

Do you like to express yourself with a good cut or color? Is there a stylist whose hands you would love to touch your hair? Let me know!

live sacred dc

34 Days of Self-Care Inspired by Live Sacred DC

Right around the time I felt my rut coming on, a fellow local blogger, Chelsea announced that she was hosting an intimate event called Live Sacred DC. It was held at Take Care Shop in Georgetown. The name alone drew me in but the space was perfect. A Take Care shop, you can find plant-based goods for hair, skin, body and home. The decor here is very simple with lots of natural elements and scents to compliment the products sold.

take care shop dc

When you think of the word sacred, you think pure and divine. These are words that should be associated with self-care. Because at our most pure self, we will find peace and happiness. Live Sacred DC was held on the last day of the summer to literally and figuratively start off a “new season” with intent and a conscious mind. We¬†did exercises together prompted by The Happiness Planner. I am horrible at using planners but something really intrigues me about this one. I was fully committed to the handouts. So much that I can honestly say I became more aware of who I am because I had to fill in the “blanks”. We were encouraged to share what we wrote out loud with the group. I was totally comfortable with that because what happened at Live Sacred DC, stayed at Live Sacred DC. I felt like putting things out in the universe made it official. Like sending out positive vibrations because as they say…”ask and you shall receive”.

Live Sacred DC

A lot of us talk about self-care but aren’t embracing the things that keep us healthy and grounded on a consistent basis. Self/care isn’t just a one-time thing that you do. There are a lot of distractions and challenges in life. Naturally, we will be evolving and adapting to the changes and obstacles that come our way. Therefore, our work on staying pure and keeping our peace needs to happen for the rest of our lives.¬†So in the spirit of putting things out in the universe, I am sharing my mission to reboot myself for the next 34 days. I will be refocusing on getting my mind, body and soul right as I turn 34.¬†

Happiness Planner Happiness Box

I left this event realizing that I can not take proper care of myself if I don’t know and accept who I am. It is only through self-respect and appreciation that I can live sacredly. We ultimately neglect ourselves if we live to please others. But we can not be better for others if we are not our best selves. So I am committed to being mindful of my actions and doing what truly makes me happy and healthy. As a gift from Live Sacred DC, we received The Happiness Planner “Box of Happiness”. One of the items in this box was a 30-day prompted self-awareness journal. I will be using the exercises to assist my self-care reboot as I journey into my 34th year. Although I will not be sharing every detail of these exercises, I am confident that the prompts will inspire blog posts and actions to come. So stay tuned…

In addition to the journal, I will be going back to morning meditations, healthier eating, and a new fitness routine. My goal is for this to be an #OperationSnapBack like never before! Once this 34 day project comes to an end, I will be sure to share my experience here with you all. 

Special thanks to Chelsea and Joanna for hosting the event. Word on the street is that there will be more. Keep your eyes open for it HERE.

Would you consider yourself to be self-aware? What are some of the things you practice as a part of your own self-care?

Washington Auto Show Genesis

2017 Washington Auto Show: The Future is Right Now!

As a SheBuysCars¬†Ambassador, I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Industry and Media day for The Washington Auto Show in D.C. courtesy of Hyundai and Genesis. I¬†was compensated to share my experience¬†but all words and opinions are my own. For 75 years,¬†The Washington Auto Show has been bringing a wide variety of the latest vehicles under one roof. Consumers anxiously attend this show to experience the newest auto designs, features and technology coming to market. This was my first time attending a show and I must say I absolutely loved the environment. It really takes away the buying pressure you normally feel when browsing at your local dealership. In here, you¬†have the freedom get behind the wheel and just dream or ultimately decide on your next big purchase. On social media I asked the audience: ‚ÄúIf you could drive off the lot with any vehicle you wanted, what would it be?‚ÄĚ The manufacture mentioned the most was none other than Audi. ‚ÄúAudi‚ÄĚ is the Latin word for ‚Äúhear‚ÄĚ and their features speak loud and clear being the leader in autonomous vehicles. But their designs are sure to catch the eye as well. When I saw the R8 on the showroom floor, all I could say was “daaaaamn”. Raise your hand if you want and Audi! ‚ėļ Speaking of Autonomy…that seemed to be the key word of the show. Rumor has it that there will be these little autonomous delivery robots on the streets of D.C. as soon as February 2017. That‚Äôs right, NEXT MONTH these robots will be delivering food and parcels. It seems like what we always thought as ‚Äúthe future‚ÄĚ is more like right now. Check out the robots of Starship Technologies¬†in motion HERE. You¬†will notice manufactures are not only moving towards sleeker designs, they are offering¬†features previously known to be luxury, now as standard in every model. No consumer will be left behind. Even the U.S. Army will be rolling better and in style. Look at this Chevy Colorado. Speaking of ‚Äúbetter‚ÄĚ. Hyundai intends to give you the BEST. I know because I own one. They already have the best warranty in America but now you can count on their latest model Ioniq for having the¬†first life-time battery warranty as well. Hyundai is giving consumers a second thought on electrified vehicles with performance and features comparable to gasoline vehicles. See me in one HERE. When you think about the best in¬†luxury, don’t forget about the¬†Genesis. This company¬†prides itself as an¬†authentic, luxury vehicle with the utmost respect to the consumer. It. Has. EVERYTHING, including lots of space to make you¬†comfortable. Genesis¬†will guarantee your¬†driving experience with both elite and autonomous features like head-up display, lane-keep assist and active cruise control. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of these on the road.

A video posted by Fatima & Noah (@offthepotomac) on

  With D.C. traffic and endless options, automobiles are becoming an extension of us all. In a variety of budgets, we can find a way to define our style and personality while meeting the needs in a space we spend more time than we’d like to admit. The same way we are attached to our phones, we will be attached to our cars as they will be connected with the most sophisticated and secure technology available to the pubic. Would you like your car to tell you when there is a red light, construction or even stop before an accident occurs? That is where we are heading as cars are beginning to think and respond quicker than any human on the road. So what kind of Vehicle would I see myself in next?  I think we can all agree that the DMV is horrible for managing any amount of snow. Therefore I need a vehicle that will facilitate my need to get up and go regardless of conditions or terrain. Now that I find myself driving more than ever, I developed a need to feel in control while sitting high. That’s why the Jeep Rubicon speaks to me the most. What automobile speaks to your personality and needs the most? Take your time and make your decision at The Washington Auto Show. Head over to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center between now until February 5. Tickets are only $12 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 years-old. Kids under 6 are FREE! Buy tickets here.


If you like cars all-year-round just follow @SheBuysCars to get your daily auto fix.

Petal Share

2017 MLK Day of Service and Parade

This is my second experience with Petal Share and We Feed Our People in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Since it wasn’t as cold,¬†I brought Noah along to the Children of Mine Youth Center in South East DC. It was rather convenient since the 11th Annual MLK Parade was being held only two blocks over. That means we were lucky enough to serve and celebrate afterwards. A great ending to this day was an impromptu Go-Go music¬†tribute from The Backyard Band in Anacostia Park.

Like last year, the community was served a hot meal, clothing, toiletries, health screens and petals of joy. There was also music to¬†keep¬†everyone moving and staying¬†warm. As Petal Share volunteers, we¬†repurposed¬†centerpieces from a previous event and also made small bouquets to give out in hopes of spreading just a little more joy. It is truly amazing how you can¬†make someone’s day with just a flower or two. I have done this a few times and people are always so grateful and excited to have flowers for themselves. They often¬†say…”I can really have this?” in total awe that¬†we are giving out flowers¬†just because.

Did you know that¬†We Feed Our¬†People has been doing this since 1988? I can show you better than I can tell you. Enjoy the video! ūüėČ



There is much more. If you would like to see more pictures and video of this day, make sure to check out and follow these pages:


Off The Potomac on Instagram

Petal Share on Facebook

We Feed Our People on Facebook


How did you spend this National Day of Service and Celebration?

White House Holiday Tour

Inside The East Wing for The White House Holiday Tour

It’s been a couple of years since our first White House Holiday tour so I am glad that we made it one last time before The Obama Family leaves. Noah was so excited you would have thought he was going to meet The President. ¬†lol



Since this is not a sponsored post, I know you’re wondering how we got so “lucky” right?’

Well… it was a lottery through my husband’s job.



Just like any White House tour, every guest still has to go through all the normal security clearances. You know… full name…DOB…Social…you have to submit all this information before you get the green light for attendance.

On the day of, there are 5 Checkpoints:

  1. Show your boarding pass
  2. Government ID check
  3. Government ID check again – Hey if Santa does it, I am sure it’s no big deal if Secret Service checks their list twice too.
  4. Ben the K-9 sniffs you out –¬†but we never actually saw him lol. We just stood at a designated spot for about 5-10 seconds.
  5. Metal detector screening

And you’re in!

A few years ago, I remember standing outside in the freezing rain for quite some time. This year… everything moved expeditiously. Minors are not required to have ID but I brought Noah’s birth certificate and social JUST in case.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted on the landing by ¬†The White House Dogs “Sunny” and “Bo”.¬†Many of the displays following were just as kid-friendly and fun.


I found the 2016 decorations very creative. The decor was provided by Bryan Rafanelli with the help of over 125 volunteers for Rafanelli Events to set up.  Rafanelli made huge statements using classic holiday material like ribbons and bows. Check out the ribbon and crystal hanging in the East Colonnade:




Each room in the East Wing is decorated with a theme. Here are a few that I loved:




Since 1969, The Gingerbread White House has been a holiday tradition. The 2016¬†house located in the State Dining Room was created by the White House Pastry Chef Susie Morrison and her team which includes…

  • 150 pounds of gingerbread
  • 100 pounds of bread dough
  • 20 pounds of gum paste
  • 20 pounds of icing
  • 20 pounds of sculpted sugar pieces.

Gorgeous right? I wonder where all of these goes once the season is over?


We were just a few of over four million guests who have graced the East Wing during the holidays since President Obama has been in office. The tour lasts between 45 minutes to an hour when you enjoy the live music at the end. Make sure you check out Our Instagram Page for more pictures and videos.

Official information about The White House Holiday Tour can be found HERE.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The Unofficial Guide to the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Last updated: October 3rd 2016


It’s free! However¬†to the level of interest, the¬†National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) has implemented a timed entry pass system. Unfortunately timed entry passes are now sold out for the rest of the year. However¬†you can secure passes for 2017 HERE. The good news is that there are¬†same day passes available at¬†9:15 AM on a first come, first serve basis but¬†word has it that people stand outside as early as 5am for a chance. That’s completely up to you.¬†From what I’ve seen, many registered for more passes than they needed so there is a good chance that you will find someone in your circle or a stranger on site with spare tickets last-minute. Just ask around. On the day of your ticket, being on time or early is not necessary. Entry is only granted any time on or after the time stamped pass. I was very impressed with the ease of entry after opening day.¬†¬†However, if you don’t have more than one day scheduled, getting there on time does matter because you¬†WILL need all the time you have. There have been some extended weekend hours but during the week, the¬†museum closes at 7:30pm which actually means 7pm because that’s when they begin directing everyone towards the nearest exit. There are security screenings so please make note of items that are not allowed.


As I mentioned before, getting in isn’t the hard part. Inside is where you will need to reserve the most¬†patience. The museum is designed to take visitors chronologically from our¬†gruesome past to an uplifting present time and a hopeful future. It would be ideal to begin your experience from the lower concourses with Slavery and Freedom and work your way up through achievements and culture.¬†There is one popular elevator outside of the theater that displays years back in time as you descend to the lowest level. However, your best bet is to take the elevator adjacent to the information desk.


National Museum of African American History and Culture

Once you get downstairs, more than likely you will be greeted by a line. Concourse 3 is by far the most congested part of the museum because it is narrow and the most logical starting point in the facility.


National Museum of African American History and Culture


At Concourse 2, it will be busy but there will be a lot more breathing room which is rather consistent throughout the rest of the museum. Since the lower concourses progress with ramps, there are no stairs needed until you get back the main level. This makes a smooth transition to the main level for those with wheelchairs and strollers.


We have since gone a third time during normal hours and the flow of traffic was well managed and wait times were extremely minimal aside from the cafe. 

  • Slavery and Freedom:¬†There is a slow-moving and natural flow as visitors appear to¬†read every story and examine the artifacts on their way to¬†the remnants from the¬†S√£o Jos√© slave ship. What many people may not realize is that you CAN move around and explore the rest of the floor instead. Wait time can be up to 40 minutes if line extends to the elevators near the restroom.

    National Museum of African American History and Culture
    Wall of Slave Ships and Voyages. The numbers represent the survival of slaves. If you look closely, you will see Saint Michel only had one survivor out of 170. A shame.


  • Contemplative Court: You can easily spend 3 hours covering slavery, freedom and segregation.¬†Most people will find the¬†content mentally draining so I would highly recommend a visit here¬†right across the¬†theater to reflect and restore your spirits. There is no wait to enter. In fact, many people can miss it based on location.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • Southern Rail Car:¬†This is one of the two artifacts this building was literally built around. Currently visitors are not allowed to walk through the vintage¬†segregated passenger car.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • Emmett Till’s Memorial: You may see a line form by¬†Southern Rail Car like shown above. This is to view Till’s original casket but it is restored. The feel is exactly how one would pay respects to the deceased during a viewing or wake.¬†No pictures are allowed inside. Wait time can be up to¬†an hour if a line forms entirely around the rail car.
  • Angola Prison Guard Tower:¬†This is the other artifact the building was built around. The average inmate was sentenced to 93 years at this plantation based, Louisiana State Penitentiary. Many housed in old slave quarters. Private individuals¬†could even lease¬†prisoners from here as well.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • Point of Pines (Plantation) Cabin: A slave shelter or gathering place. National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • Sports: Visitors can enjoy seeing how african-americans¬†broke¬†barriers using their talents and the connection their achievements have during the civil rights movement.¬†offthepotomac_nmaahc-30


  • Chuck Berry’s Eldorado:¬†The Musical Crossroads exhibit greets you with this stunning beauty.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • The Museum¬†Shop: Closes at 5:30pmNational Museum of African American History and Culture




  • Greensboro Interactive Lunch Table:¬†Visitors can learn about the¬†various movements and ways segregation¬†was fought while also exploring the consequences of those actions.¬†Wait time varies up to 15 minutes.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • Production and Engineering Console: Visitors get 4 minutes to make their own hit record mixing sounds and adding effects. This was one of my favorite fun activities at the museum. There is usually only about one person ahead of you. To save time, you and a friend can team up on one record.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • The Step Show: Learn how to step and perform the routine learned.¬†National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • S√£o Jos√©¬†Search:¬†Search and document artifacts from the sunken San Jos√© a slave ship buried in the deep blue sea.National Museum of African American History and Culture


  • Driving While Black: Learn how to safely travel using¬†The Negro Motorist Green-Book which tells you all the places¬†you can stop for¬†necessities with the least amount of trouble.National Museum of African American History and Culture




Seats 400 Price Range: $8-$15 (Dessert $5-$6) There are four stations representing various areas of cuisine.

  • The Agricultural South
  • The Creole Coast
  • The North States
  • The Western Range

The average wait to get in AND sit down with your food seems to be about 25-45 minutes. Most of the wait comes directly from The Creole Coast¬†station (po’ boy and shrimp and grits). Yes, the Po’ Boys were HUGE and the shrimp and grits looked amazing but with a kid, I just didn’t want to wait any longer. Fortunately there are attendants that will come to allow those ordering from the other stations to enter sooner. Some of the main dishes are cooked¬†right on the spot! I teased a few people with this video. lol

The¬†desserts and beverages are self-served and there were no straws or plastic – only silverware. Fancy! So here’s the kicker…For the three of us, the damage was about $55.¬†¬†The cost isn’t easy on the pockets but the quality of food made it worth the treat.¬†You may need a tad bit of salt on some of the dishes but there is LOADS of flavor unlike a normal cafeteria. I was pleased.


National Museum of African American History and Culture


Seats 350 After donating $21 million dollars on your own, its pretty nice to have this simple beauty named after you. The seats were comfortable with a few outlets nearby. As you can see, the corona shape was carried throughout here as well. In the theater, we watched a short film by Ava Duvernay. Only 10 minutes long but it showed an extremely powerful connection in black history told through six stories on the same date throughout a decade in time. I actually would like to see it again.


One day is simply not¬†enough. Just think…8 levels, 13 exhibits…that is A LOT¬†to cover. Most people will probably need about two trips to see everything and three or four to get the full experience. After about 4 our 5 hours you might get burned out or run out of time. Unfortunately most of us will probably only have one chance to visit before 2017. Everything is worth seeing at this museum so here are a few tips to make the most¬†of your visit:

  1. Eat before you arrive (But leave some room for the cafe if you have time).
  2. Start in the lower concourse levels using the elevator adjacent to the information desk if allowed.
  3. If there is a long line to see something, skip it. Including the food. No disrespect to any of the artifacts or experience but in my opinion waiting in line for 45 minutes is not the most productive use of your time here especially with a ticket after 2pm. See what you can and then go back to what you missed if you have time.
  4. There is usually a bathroom available without a long wait. It will be worth finding.
  5. This might not be most kid-friendly museum so if you find your little one getting restless, take them to the second floor. National Museum of African American History and Culture There was little to no crowd and more than one interactive station to choose from. My four-year old loved it Рespecially performing in the step show and finding artifacts in the sea.
  6. Have an electronic device to keep your kid busy during the long waits or if they start to lose interest.

    National Museum of African American History and Culture
    Watching YouTube kids while I read
  7. Bring a backup power supply or if you must, bring your cellphone charger. I did see quite a few (unofficial)¬†places to give your phone a boost¬†when your battery runs low. ūüėČ
  8. Don’t be afraid to split up. There is so much to see and after the main level and the interest between you can your company can¬†change.
  9. If you’re looking for a party, just go to the fourth floor with for the Cultural Expressions galleries. That is where you find all the art, television, film, broadway and music. It was so much fun!National Museum of African American History and Culture
  10. Although the museum closes at 5:30pm, the gift shop closes much sooner. If you really want a souvenir you have to get there before 5:00pm.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is now my favorite Smithsonian museum of all time (Natural History is now number two lol). The experience is so moving and fulfilling. This place proves there is still so much us learn and accept about American history.

I’ve been thinking about sharing¬†my family’s story next time we go. There are a few stations for you to record¬†your experience/opinion on black history or of¬†the museum itself.


For more pictures and video, head over to our Instagram page.

Have you secured your tickets yet? Tell me about what you loved.


10 Lotus Photos That Will Have You Running to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in DC.

I like flowers. Sunflowers…tulips…peonies…but the lotus flower to me is in a league of its own. The lotus flower is perfect in its natural state; rooted in the mud, rising above the murky waters – where its petals spread so gracefully – like wings ready to take flight before your eyes. Lotus flowers are beautiful in bunches but they sure as hell don’t need each other to shine. By itself, the lotus is absolutely STUNNING! You can find this flower in a few colors but the pink lotus reigns supreme both spiritually and literally as it stands so tall.




There is a few places you can find lotuses in the DMV but Kenilworth is where it’s at! I actually found out about Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens last year from my husband. The park is not located in an area that you will see often unless you live back there in North East DC. My cousin has lived here her whole life and July was her first visit with me. Now that I know about this little gem, I will be going at least once a year for the Lily Fest hosted by National Park Service. I wrote about the cultural and environmental experience last year but this year I wanted to focus on the main attraction. Here are ten of my favorite pictures from Instagram that were taken of the lotuses in 2016 at Kenilworth Gardens.



A photo posted by mrchristaki (@mrchristaki) on


A photo posted by anne costello (@amcostello99) on











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Bloom season is from May until mid-September so by the time you read this post you should still have time. So go and enjoy the scenery and don’t forget to tell the Friends of Kenilworth that I sent you! ūüėČ