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Enjoi lux Presents: Short Hair Don’t Care – A Runway Tour

I have been team short hair for most of my life. By choice. I made my first big chop in 6th grade to look like T-Boz of TLC and it has been hard ever since to keep my length. When I finally had the patience to go through the “between stage”, I made the mistake of letting a Dominican salon blow out destroy my hair.  So I walking into a barbershop and cut the whole thing off. I honestly can’t recall feeling so free or feminine before. Cutting my hair super shot was the best decision I ever made for my look and confidence. It made me wonder why I ever grew it out to begin with. But anyway… I have been looking for some inspirations for my next look. So when I saw the flyer for Short Hair Don’t Care I just bought my ticket and went solo. This was an intimate event in Dupont Circle which I really appreciated. The space was enough to move around but small enough to enjoy all the vendors and make solid connections.

EnjoiLux Short Hair Don't Care Runway Tour
Distressed clothes by Latoya Doyley

Each guest received a small gift bag with hair care samples upon entry. Before the show started, there was time for us to shop while enjoying small bites and wine. Unlimited wine I might add… courtesy of The Graffiti Wine Company.

The Graffiti Wine Company

My favorite vendor was Khadija of Henna Sooq who makes all of her own natural and organic henna products. I had her do a design for me on the spot. You can check it out on my Instagram page.

Henna Sooq

Everything you see was organized by the event planning duo Enjoi Lux. I don’t know if it was intentional, but loved how they wore coordinated outfits. This shows me that these two are in sync… a true partnership. I believe their Runway Tour has been to both to Boston and Philly with DC being their last stop.

Enjoi Lux
Co-Founders of Enjoi Lux: Alaina Reid and Deborah Polidore

My favorite part of the show was seeing Christol Salon and Spa grace the runway. My cousin put me on to this salon years ago and I have yet to find the time or the funds to get in Christol’s chair. It needs to happen one day though. Christol is well-known for her coloring skills. And I know a stylist or two who have learned from her classes. The work speaks for itself!

Christol Salon Spa

Every good event has an awesome headliner. Who better to host this event other than Tahira Joy Wright? She is the Co-Founder of The Cut Life. If you are on Instagram and love short hair cut but haven’t heard about this brand, then you have been living under a rock. The Cut Life is THE place I go to for inspiration from people who rock best hair cuts and the stylists who hooked them up. VIP guests had a one-on one with Tahira before the show. I did not attend but she of course opened and closed the show.  It was nice to see another black woman who has dominated a platform – creating brand awareness… not just for herself, but many others.

Tahira Joy Wright

Last but not least was the giveaway. Upon entry we are also given a raffle ticket. A few lucky attendees went home with a little something extra. Happy they were…

EnjoiLux Short Hair Don't Care DC

Do you like to express yourself with a good cut or color? Is there a stylist whose hands you would love to touch your hair? Let me know!