Crab Egg Benedict

Is Brunch at Founding Farmers Worth the Hype?

The rumors are true. I have been living in D.C. for nine years and just went to Founding Farmers for the first time yesterday. Don’t judge me. That is why I started this blog. Because it is time for me to really get to know all of DMV’s treasures. Founding Farmers has become chain with locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. The restaurant is both owned and supplied by American family farmers – serving food made from scratch.

Founding Farmers DC

I am so glad I went with someone who knew to make reservations a week in advance. If it were up to me, I would have showed up to the restaurant the day of and waited an hour for a table. Despite the heavy crowd, we were seated within five minutes of checking in and the service following was prompt.

Beignets Founding Farmers
Uncle Buck’s Beignets w/ chocolate, raspberry & caramel sauces

With 10,000 reviews on yelp, I had very high expectations of this place. For some reason, I expected (even their brunch) to have unique flavors but I didn’t get that exactly. However, I wasn’t disappointed because they have some classic GOOD FOOD here. It seems like one of those places where you bring out-of-towners because you know everything will be good. The funny thing is that I have recommended Founding Farmers several times before – simply because I see my friends going here all the time. LOL

We started off with the Beignets and it was PERFECTION. Crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. The three sauces were truly the “icing on the cake”. I ate three. 😛

Breakfast Chicken & Waffles

Chicken and Waffles
with scrambled eggs and white gravy

This is my go-to brunch dish so it comes to no surprise that this is also a Farmhouse Favorite. I never use the gravy though. The Waffles were perfect and the chicken (tenders) had a little kick to it. My only complaint was that my chicken wasn’t as hot as the rest of the dish but I let it side on account of everything else being so good. Plus I was hungry. 😛

Pimm’s Cup

Pimms Cup
Pimm’s no. 1, beefeater gin, curaçao, lime, house ginger beer

This was my drink because I loooove ginger beer. And it wasn’t watered down either. You can taste the liquor. Lol


13 puréed white peaches, cava, peach cordial

Crab Benedict

Crab Egg Benedict

Some serious food porn right? I secretly wish I would have gotten this dish instead. This was my friend’s plate.

Overall… Brunch at Founding Farmers was definitely worth the hype but not the wait for walk-ins in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t want to wait that long for breakfast. But people do. SO MAKE A RESERVATION and ENJOY! Next I will have to try dinner at one of their sister locations: Farmers and Distillers. I hear that place is even better! 😉

Have you been to any of the Founding Farmers locations in the DMV?

Super Bowl Party

Step Up Your Game Day Spread with Whole Foods Market

I love a good party but the pressure I feel when hosting turns me into a lazy cook. I promise you I can make a great meal but whenever I cater to more than our family something gets messed up. Therefore, I play it safe and make the least amount of food myself. :-P.

With the biggest football Sunday around the corner, I know that Whole Foods Market is a place I can count on to keep my party going. You can shop here using fresh and organic ingredients in your recipes or simply grab dishes prepared right in-house without skipping on quality. Here is how we are stepping up our game day spread this year:

Made In-House By Whole Foods Market

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Made From Scratch Using Whole Foods Market Products

Whole Foods Market actually makes some great guacamole! However, since Noah is allergic to tomatoes, I usually make our own. The whole family loves avocados and the ones I picked up were just right! We fought over the batch.

The boys LOVE burgers and the Mr. loves smoked gouda, so I made some sliders using Whole Foods Market‘s fresh meat which is ground in-house. Then I topped it with their 365 Organic Smoked Gouda.

Most of us will be watching the big game this Sunday. So whether the party is at your house or someone else’s, Whole Foods Market has your menu covered. You can find some great ideas and recipes from Whole Foods Market to step up your game day spread HERE!

Super Bowl

*This post was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. All opinions are my own.*

Chicken and Waffles Succotash National Harbor

Goodie For The Foodie: Succotash at National Harbor

My husband and I are one of those parents that rarely spend time alone. Normally we go out once a year for our anniversary (I know, terrible). For our last anniversary, we were led by yelp to a fairly new spot at National Harbor called Succotash. This restaurant is owned by celebrity chef, Edward Lee serving Southern cuisine with a Korean twist. And well… I am always down for a fusion spot!

The ambiance at Succotash was a bit gloomy for my taste. Their lighting was low and there weren’t any vibrant colors on our plates. Needless to say, I was a bit hesitant but pleasantly surprised. Here is some of what we had:

Smoked Chicken Wings

White BBQ Sauce, Celery Slaw

Chicken Wings Succotash National Harbor

Fried Chicken & Waffles

All Dark, Bourbon Maple Syrup, Shaved Manchego

Chicken and Waffles Succotash National Harbor

This one is a winner! I have never been a fan of Chicken and Waffles but those flavors were unforgettable.


Runny Egg, Portobello, Arugula, Red-Eye Gravy

Shrimp and Grits Succotash National Harbor

If you’re looking for traditional, this may disappoint you but I did enjoy.


Bulleit Rye, Carpano Antica, Aggazzotti, Nocino, Walnut Bitters

Manhattan Succotash National Harbor

This is a one and done kind of drink. If you don’t like fruity, this is the way to go! It was $13 dollars well spent but we can talk more about that at the end…

Belle’s Punch

Mango-Infused Vodka, Jim Beam Bourbon, Ginger, Mint, Peach, Bubbles

Succotash National Harbor

Good if you like sweet and very little alcohol.

Red Velvet Affogato

Vanilla Ice, Cafe Du Monde, Chicory Coffee

Succotash National Harbor

Great flavors but it was such a tease. Gimme more! Gimme More!

I’ve been to many restaurants by the Harbor, and Succotash is one of the few that I wouldn’t mind visiting again. Your tab may run high but that is pretty normal for the area. However, Succotash may not be the place for a quick bite. The turnaround time is on the slower side but at least the food was hot and worth the wait. Believe it or not, our drinks were the issue. The drink came out after our food so it was complimentary. 🙂 In addition, we were given an extra dessert for our anniversary. Don’t you love it when a restaurant values your business? Succotash Management didn’t let that hiccup ruin such a rare date night for us.

It has been a while since our visit so I’d like to think the staff has worked out the kinks.

Give it a try and tell them I sent ya!


MD 20745


Goodie For The Foodie: China Chilcano

20151125_113658I don’t always dine in D.C. but when I do, I like to try something new and foreign. My last major dining trip was for my birthday to a Peruvian-Fusion spot called China Chilcano. The ambiance reminds me of a place I went to with my girlfriends years ago in New York City. At China Chilcano, the menu combines traditional Peruvian cuisine with multicultural dishes inspired by the Chinese and Japanese settlers who traveled to Peru during the late 19th Century. We wanted to try it all but here some of what we tried and enjoyed:

Pegao Norteño

Lamb pot sticker, aderezo norteño, cilantro, cumin, crispy lace, gold flake


Lomo Saltado

(Peru meets China) Marinated hanger steak, tomato, soy sauce, shishito pepper, ginger, shoestring potato, rice

Lomo Saltado China Chilcano

California Roll

Potato causa, jumbo lump crab, tobiko, spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado, huancaína sauce


Dancing Yucca

Nikkei-style crisp yucca fries, ají amarillo ‘aioli’,kabayaki, bonito flakes, aonori seaweed

Chicha Morada

Peru’s classic beverage made of purple corn, pineapple, and spices

Chicha Morada China Chilcano

This is a non-alcoholic and it stuck out to me the most. It somehow reminds me of the popular drink in Trinidad called Sorrel. I grew up drinking Sorrel so if you love that like I do, you should try some Chicha Morada. Thank me later…

So save your coins and VISIT China Chilcano. You should find their service as great as their food and their bathrooms to be quite interesting.

I was not paid for this post but you can tell them I sent ya! 🙂

418 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004   |   (202) 783-0941



*NEW SERIES* Goodie For The Foodie

I probably spend way more on food than I am willing to admit. Dining out is always a hit or miss but when I do come across something worth “writing home about”, I’ll share it in a new series called Goodie for the Foodie!


1 This Balkan dish was yummy but you getter double up or your will leave here hungry.

REDSTONE GRILL – National Harbor, MD

2We are in Maryland. Need I say more?


4 Southern meets Koren over here. I went out last month with the Mr. for our anniversary. The service was on the slow side but they treat you well and the food will definitely make up for it lol… The Bourbon Maple Syrup brought this dis alllll the way home for me.

Too bad this wasn’t my dish though…I had the Shrimp ‘n Grits but my husband’s choice put it to shame.

3  Here is another goodie! Honestly, I loved every dish I had at this place. The appetizers were on par with everything else.


2I am one of those weird people who get ribs with sauce on the side. I just don’t like to get to messy nor do I care for most sauces. This beef however was the MOST TENDER beef I have EVER had. I’ll tell you more about my trip to the area in another post.

CARIBBEAN FLAVA – Upper Marlboro, MD

7 I have been struggling to find a Caribbean spot outside of DC worthy of a regular visit. I think this will be my go to when away from the family. It’s not as good as carry outs in NY but it hits the spot. Serving Roti and Sorrel was so exciting for me. The Trini in me was HERE for all of it.


6You can catch this Sushi Bar at your local mall. I only go for two things… either the Rock ‘n Roll or The Volcano Roll. Never mind the plastic fork. I wasn’t in the mood to fumble with chopsticks… lol Isn’t she pretty though?

Do you know of any places we should try? Contact me with the details.