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Operation Snap Back: No Need to Start Over – January 2017

It’s been a while since my last Operation Snap Back update right? Well I started the new year with a sinus infection so I am finally getting back on track. Things have been going well. Not to sound cliché but I am excited to be starting off 2017 in the best physical shape of my life. I am currently down 23 pounds from last year and I finally have a little muscle. Although it wasn’t a goal, I went to the gym every week no less than three times. In fact, I ended the year going 4-5 times a week on average. It wasn’t about losing weight or having a flat stomach anymore. Working out simply became a habit of physical and mental therapy for me. These are the results:


operation snap back


People often ask what my routine is but it changes so much. However, I normally split train. Sometimes it depends on my mood what I do but I am mostly consistent. As you know, I am not a professional but here is an idea of what I enjoy and incorporate during the week:

Warm up (5-10 minutes) + Weights  + Abs* + Cardio (20-40 minutes)

  • Cycling – Once a week
  • Yoga – Once a week if am available when offered.
  • Boot Camp – Once a month. This is an intense full-body class. So with split training, it tends to be too much sometimes. I just listen to my body.
  • Legs – Twice a week. Squats, Leg Extensions, Lying Leg Curls, Abductions and Leg presses. With presses I go real heavy (up to 360 pounds). It’s not as scary as it sounds.
  • Arms – Once or twice a week. Lateral Pull Downs, Dumbbell Rows, Bicep Curls, Shoulder and Bench Presses and Tricep Press Downs.
  • Abs* – At least twice a week if not a little bit everyday. Leg Raises, Toe Touches, Planks and Crunches, I alternate doing exercises on the floor or bench/tower.
  • Cardio – Everyday. Outside of the bike, I alternate with the Treadmill, Elliptical and Stairmaster (my favorite).


operation snap back


Last year I set a modest goal to be 145 pounds by December 2016 and here I am starting off 2017 at 145.3 pounds. Not mad at all. I came from this:

There is no secret. Of course consistency is key but please believe that I have weaknesses and setbacks all the time. I don’t like to say I “started over”. I just KEEP GOING. You can do it too!  If you would like to share your journey and advice, feel free to join the Operation Snap Back ® Support Group and follow us on Instagram.

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Chick-fil-A Brings Three New Breakfast Items to the DC Area

This week I was hired to attend a private tasting at Chick-fil-A Seven Corners in Virginia hosted by WASH-FM’s morning show personality, Chilli Amar.  I was also provided compensation to cover this event. All opinions are honest and my own.


chili amar


Lucky for us, the DC area is one of the first markets to try Chick-fil-A’s updated breakfast menu. I know from experience that you NEED breakfast ASAP to survive the crazy morning commutes around here. So if you’re looking for a quick and protein-friendly breakfast, give these three new items a try:



chickfila dc breakfast


Show at the top of the picture above, we have the The Egg White Grill Bowl (Inspired by the latest sandwich).

180 Calories (29 grams of protein)

Below that, we have the The Hash Brown Scramble (Available in a bowl or burrito).

Bowl: 450 Calories (30 grams of protein)

Burrito: 650 calories (31 grams of protein)


chickfila berry protein blend


For those who prefer to sip their breakfast, above is the new Berry Protein Blend. This is sweet start includes chia seeds, ancient grains, mixed berries and yogurt. All are handspun with a guilt-less portion of Chick-fil-A’s signature Icedream®. I especially love the crunch of Granola added on top.

340 calories (23 grams of protein).

I also have two honorable non-breakfast mentions:

superfood side salad

The dressing on the Superfood Side Salad REALLY compliments the kale. There aren’t many ways I enjoy kale but Chick-fil-a hit the nail on the head with this one.


chickfila dc
sweet and spicy siracha sauce
This was one of the three new sauces added nation-wide this year. I have been feeling spicy things lately so this one is a winner!

What is your favorite item at Chick-fil-A?

Operation Snap Back: The Breakthrough

Last month I told you I was done playing games. After a while you get tired of taking one step forward and two steps backs. Being fed up is how I lost 7.5 pounds this month – SEVEN!!! That is twice more than any month in 2016 (18.7 for the year). However, the first 10 days is honestly when I lost most of the weight. I focused on reducing portion sizes which is generally more of an issue than what I eat. As most of you know, eating tends to be an emotional sport for me and it’s a struggle every day to not rely on food to keep or celebrate my happiness. I felt like I was starving myself the first week but clearly I lived to tell you about it. 😛




This month I started working out five times a week. Sundays and Wednesdays are my rest days but I usually cut the grass on Wednesdays (a little less than .25 acres). Then on Thursdays, I practice yoga. Thanks to my consistency, I finally have a smooth transition from chaturanga to cobra pose (go me). So yea, in total…that means I have three really intense workout days which includes one cycling and one boot camp class. I love both classes. My gym has some pretty amazing instructors that really push you to your limit. I do at least 20 miles with resistance in cycle and some crazy HITT stuff in bootcamp. I swear my instructor Jim makes me want to quit at least 5 times a session lol. Much love to Mark, Stephanie and Jim. 😉




I finally started to work on my arms, back and core. I use to avoid those workouts because of how hard it was for me but I think I am getting the hang of it. I can confidently say I “lift” when I go to the gym now. Picture that… 😉

Oh and as flat as my stomach appears (from the side) there is still a good bit of fat to burn. I am grateful for the definition though. Thanks to weights, my body is getting toned and I’m not as “lumpy” as I was before in January. Now I know the reason why I haven’t lost a dress size… it’s because I was stuffing myself in things that weren’t my size to begin with. I am finally on my way to being completely out of a size 8. Just gotta keep pushing.

In September, I will be focusing on cardio – aiming for at least 4 hours a week in addition to weights and yoga. My goal is to burn that last bit of belly and arm fat. Unfortunately Summer is coming to an end, but I won’t give up on my bikini goal. Don’t be surprised if I throw on an old bikini and post it in November for sh*ts and giggles. I worked too hard to let that dream go. lol

August has been significant for me. For months I looked in the mirror and saw the same body. Today I am finally seeing why I worked so hard. However, Operation Snap Back was never only about the physical. I have been struggling with a mental plateau as well so its really important for me to push myself outside of the gym from here on out. Although I haven’t reached my goal, I feel like I won.  IT WAS HARD AS HELL. Both my family and home has suffered from me putting myself first but being a little selfish is how I am here today. I have NO regrets because Fatima would not have been good to anyone sitting on the couch, feeling sorry for herself. There are a lot of things in my life that I can’t control but THIS was not one of them.

It may not take you 21 days, 30 days or 90 days but you CAN get to where you want to be. Our struggles and bodies are all different. Focus and appreciate YOUR journey and envy no one else’s because that will only slow you down. If you can “fall nine times and get up ten”, you are good! Oh and let me tell you… like most people, I saw Teyana Taylor’s Body in Kanye’s “Fade” video on MTV and I was inspired. Whether it has to do with her age, dancing, genetics or surgery – Her body is definitely something to keep you going. Thankfully I already like what I see. Stretch marks and all…

How are things going for you? I am looking forward to sharing what music I listen to at the gym very soon.

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Operation Snap Back: Game Over



I have been playing games with my goals for the past couple of months. I lost 2.6 pounds in July, went to the gym faithfully, completed the support group 25 mile challenge and my waistline is virtually the same. I would say I gave it my all but that would be a lie because I wasn’t mindful of my food intake. It actually frustrates me that I have to eat like a rabbit to get where I want to be but it is what it is…

Now that I have the fitness down, It’s time to finally get the diet on board. Game over. Are you with me?

I am finally ready to commit. I am looking forward to planning and being diligent like my girl Tia. I mean…she has 3 kids and does it. I can too, right? At this point I NEED to or I am going to be just like the rest of the people at the gym who go for years but look pretty much the same. -_-

The great news is that I really don’t look the same as I did in January but somehow I am still the same size in clothing. I want to lose one size – that’s all. I am not sure why this has been so hard for me. Perhaps I overworked myself in the gym. However I must say this journey has taught me a few things the hard way like…

  • My metabolism is not the same as it was 5 years ago. (why?)
  • Food REALLY matters. (but why?)
  • You can still lose a good bit of weight and still be the same size. (no, really…why?)

As much as I wanted to be stronger, being leaner is more important now. Working out like crazy has helped with my stress level but I am going to lose some more inches this month and seal the deal once and for all. So here we go…

One pants size.

I am going to break out the tape measure again for August and eat more salad…I guess. lol I wonder if I can cut out pasta for the month too? Hmmmm




Are you documenting your health journey and looking to connect with other women? Just link up with using the hashtag #operationsnapback on social media and we will find you. If you are looking for a more intimate connection, you can also join us and our monthly challenges in our private Facebook group HERE.