GIVEAWAY: Monster Jam Brings BIG things to Hagerstown Speedway

This post has been sponsored by Feld Entertainment for Monster Jam. The following comments and opinions are my own.

As a mom, my first introduction to Monster Jam trucks were early last year for a Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop with Noah. He built Grave Digger one week and Blue Thunder another. Ever since then, the kid has been hooked!

In addition, Hot Wheels partners with Monster Jam… and we all know that Noah is a SUPER Hot Wheels fan. So it should come to no surprise that he has the Hot Wheels Monster Jam Trucks too. I have had my eyes on their show for a while but because I know it gets loud, I wanted Noah to be a little older. But trust me, this kid is ready. He watches shows all the time on YouTube.

As you can see… these are twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound MONSTER machines on an obstacle track. You will witness these trucks speeding up to 100 mph, flying high as 35 ft and smashing through anything in their way! This competitive series is back this month at Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland for three days. There are 8 trucks* and drivers you can expect at the shows:

  • GRAVE DIGGER driven by Pablo Huffaker
  • MONSTER MUT driven by Kevin Crocker
  • HOT WHEELS driven by Scott Buetow
  • CAROLINA CRUSHER driven by Gary Porter
  • MUTANT driven by Steven Sims
  • EL TORO LOCO driven by Kayla Blood
  • STONE CRUSHER driven by Steve Sims
  • HOOKED driven by Bryan Wright

*Trucks/drivers subject to change.

Monster Jam HagerstonNoah has no idea that we are going. I am excited for him. Even more that I have the opportunity to share this experience with another family as well. Off The Potomac is giving away 4 tickets to one lucky reader. Do you know what’s even better? YOU get to choose which day you want to go! (However we are going Sunday… just saying. lol) Here are the performance dates:

Friday, July 28th – 8:00 PM

Saturday, July 29th – 8:00 PM

Sunday, July 30th – 4:00 PM

Don’t miss your chance to win! You can even increase your chances with multiple entries. so ENTER NOW!

Giveaway ends July 23rd 2017. Winner will be announced Monday, July 24th 2017.

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Hagerstown Speedway is located:

15112 National Pike, Hagerstown MD 21740

To guarantee your trip, you have four ways to purchase:

  1. Visit
  2. Visit the Hagerstown Speedway Box Office
  3. Call Ticketmaster at 1-800- 745-3000
  4. Visit

***On the Day of Show, all ticket prices will go up $3.00***

You can also see the trucks up close and meet drivers with admission to the Pit Party: Pit Party Passes are available for an additional $10 at the Hagerstown Speedway box office in person, online, at or Charge by Phone at 800-745- 3000. Same day event ticket along with Pit Pass is required for entry.

For more information on the Monster Jam, log onto or follow Monster Jam via Facebook or Twitter.

This post has been sponsored by Feld Entertainment. All comment and opinions were my own.



Real Housweives of Potomac Reunion Season Two

Bombs Dropped on Real Housewives of Potomac: S2 Reunion (Part II)

Last night concluded to Season Two of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Even though hardly anyone answered their questions, the reunion did not disappoint. A lot was still revealed 😛 Here is what you missed:


Bravo TV
Karen might dance around the truth but Ray is a little more straight forward. So much that he kinda threw his own wife under the bus about this moving into another and bigger house. Karen should have discussed her BS with her husband first so they could be on the same page. I thought we would hear the truth about the tax troubles but we didn’t.


Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
and his wife first. That is how it should be. Momma Sammuels was wrong. I wish she would let go of her “baby” and apologize to Monique so that she can have a more open invitation in their home.


Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
It seems to me like Coach Jaun had his own coach on what to say before coming on set. The man talked but he technically did not answer a single question. Although these two SAY that they’re comfortable where they are, they look uncomfortable. If there is anything that we have learned about Robyn and Jaun, it’s that their relationship is not our business. I have to give them credit because they have done a damn good job of keeping it that way.


Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
I guess we saw this coming but actually hearing that Ashley and Micheal have been separated for three months was still shocking. Gizelle and Robyn were practically seething at the irony of it all. Ashley tells us she moved out to Alexandria and Micheal essentially blames the women for part of their troubles. He says it’s “never OK to go after someone business.” Ashley was literally biting her lip as Micheal spoke. I think she finally realized that her mouth has written a check her ass can’t cash. Ashley she shows interest in saving the marriage but I think we all get the feeling Micheal is ready to let her go. As Ashley matures, I don’t think Micheal can handle her speaking, thinking and acting independently. Business is Micheal’s priority here. Too much money was at stake and being on the show seems to have done OZ more harm than good. I can admit to that because my expectations were not fulfilled either.


Suddenly Karen remembers she took out her implants. She thought we knew! LOL I mean… Andy only spent an entire segment talking about how different her breasts look. I am so over Karen’s shenanigans. I wouldn’t miss her on the show if she were to leave. I think she should just make appearances here and there. I thought Twitter would have my back on this one but it looks like we are very much torn. I guess going “Phaedra” with the lies didn’t hurt her that much.


Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
After Eddie did of course… but Charrisse has finally come to terms that her marriage is over and filed for divorce. No ring was on her finger either. I think she will be fine.


Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
And I am not talking about the dress she is wearing either. Karen took a big L this season. The women were roasting her like no other for her behavior. Then Charrisse mentioned two words: “Blue Eyes” and things got REAL!


Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
There was not a woman on the couch that didn’t know who Charrisse was talking about. You would think that bomb would shut up Karen but she kept yapping! Strangely, it seemed like Karen was validating these rumors with her comments. Saying: “Everyone is screwing someone in Potomac” and “You guys have met him.” or “That was an old rumor”. She did a horrible job defending herself. Gizelle let her know that the streets of Potomac are talking about this guy and it’s not a good look for Karen.

I don’t know about you but I was genuinely entertained this season. I am glad I stayed on board. If RHOP is picked up for Season three you will definitely see my recaps again. 😉 Until next time…



Get Lost in the Sunflower Maze at Ladybugs Alive

ladybugs alive

The only thing better than a corn maze is a sunflower maze! I know you have seen those dreamy photos online a people drowned in a field of Sunflowers? I have always said to myself that is a place I need to be. However, every year I would miss the calling at Ladybugs Alive. The thing with flowers is that they only hold up but for so long. That means you have to catch them blooming at the right time.

Then Summer 2017 rolls around and I almost miss my chance to go AGAIN. This week was the last week and the Sunflowers were down to about 70%, so I made a last-minute decision to just GO! And I am so glad we did. If you have time in the early Summer, make your way down to Chaptico, Maryland in St. Mary’s County for this unique treat. You might even be greeted by the owner Jerry. He planted and cut out the maze himself. That’s what makes this trip even more special. Here is a little taste of what you can expect:



Bees on Sunflower Ladybugs Alive
If you want to be in a sunflower maze, you need to be tolerant and not allergic to bees. They are everywhere. But don’t worry, they have lots of other “beesness” to attend. Just let them work. We need them!

























More than just sunflowers.

ladybugs alive
Lots of different flowers in the butterfly garden right across from the maze.


butterfly on flower ladybugs alive
And what’s a butterfly garden without the butterflies right?

Lots to learn.

Kids get their own clipboard so that they can go on a scavenger hunt for birds and insects throughout the property. Included is a magnifying glass to confirm their findings and a marker to check off all their discoveries. Pretty cool right?

Plenty of play.

On a hot day, everyone can come into the shed for some ice-cold water and puzzles to play. Once the kids get cooled off they can go back outside for a game of cornhole or memory. Noah did not want to leave this place. It was a struggle. lol

A beautiful sunset on the field.

Sun set on sunflower field lady bugs alive
The property closes after 9pm. It is perfect to watch the sun set on the field and catch a few lightning bugs on your way out!

Jerry and Pheobe were awesome. Noah of course also kept them entertained. We will definitely try to make this a yearly visit.

If you would like more information and would like you plan your own visit to Ladybugs Alive, visit their facebook page before you go!

Have you ever been to a Sunflower Maze before?



real housewives of potomac

Top 5 Moments of Real Housewives of Potomac: S2 Reunion (Part I)

Truth be told I am low-key glad season 2 of The Real Housewives of Potomac is over. Many complained that it was too short but I think 12 episodes were more than enough. Especially of hearing both Robyn and Karen in denial. Well, anyhow…part I of the reunion aired. So here are my top 5 moments in case you missed it.

5. Giselle’s new boo.

Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
His name is Sherman. They have been dating for a year. And has a lot of cash flow – I think retired athlete. Apparently it’s getting serious but he literally ran away from the topic of marriage. I knew that whole thing with Kevin was a fraud. How convenient things ended before this guy was revealed.

4. Robyn bout to set it off on Ashley.

Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
Didn’t Robyn pop off last season? My girl might have a little hood in her. Watch your back for Ashley and just keep your mouth shut about this woman. Although I am 100 percent sure Robyn will put the beat down on any one of these ladies, RHOP just isn’t the show for hair pulling. It doesn’t fit. So I’m gonna need our girl to simmer down a little bit or leave the show. Ashley was too extra with the pot-stirring but it’s TV. You know how this goes. Let’s not really fight someone over what everyone is already thinking anyway. And another thing…

3. Karen digs herself into a deeper hole.

Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
Karen wants you to know believe that she loves her life, being the Grand Dame, and has no new cosmetic surgeries. Plus her move to Great Falls was for her parents (even though they haven’t made any plans on living with her yet). Yea, OK… We have seen the news. Y’all owe LOTS of money to the IRS. The jig is up girl.

2. Charrisse snatches Karens wig.

Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
By calling Karen the Grand “of not a dame thing”. As you can see, no emotions were held back from her castmates on that line.

5. Monique claps back.

Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
Gizelle and Robyn quickly tookthose  smiles off their faces when Monique took shots at Gizelles church wealth and Robyn’s underhanded ways. Monique did not come to this reunion to play with y’all. In fact, Monique…

Then “Raps” up season two with a few bars.

Real Housewives of Potomac
Bravo TV
And it actually wasn’t bad. Homegirl came prepared.

To me, Monique has earned her keep for another season (from this reunion alone). What do you think? I agree with the twitter community. This was a pretty solid reunion so far and I am anxious to hear Juan speak. Because aren’t we tired of hearing the status of his relationship with Robyn from her alone?

Chat with y’all next week!